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I have to say, I was ready to dish out up to $15 for a domain name. I was reading Blogging to the Bank and through there was directed to Hostazar. Then a friend recommended Domains Priced Right. I found a domain there for $7.69. I would have bought one there and then had my PayPal confirmed my credit card. Since there was time, I got back to my lazy browsing and read Elite By Designs 170+ Must Have Tools for a Beginning Blogger.

Through there I followed the various links to domain buying websites. None offered me a better price than Domains Priced Right till I noticed that had a sale going on! If I bought a domain before December 31st, I'd get a $5 discount the first year which brought the buying price at $3.99!

Needless to say, I bought a domain soon as my PayPal confirmed my credit card. I realize that once this one year is over, I'll need to pay around $9. Which is fine by me. It's still less than what I was willing to pay.

Keep in mind that this is just for buying a domain. If you're looking for hosting, there are other offers. So if you've been thinking about buying a domain, now is the time to do it! Go to and get your domain. The offer ends on Midnight December 31st!

Note: Always keep your domain independent of your host!

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