2008 in Pictures.

With my deadlines met, and no immediate work due, I am free to laze around and work on a few personal projects (aren't they the best kind?). In between enjoying the great weather that comes before the winter in UAE, pursuing my own projects and lots of parties and picnics, I've found enough time to spend time browsing randomly.

From all the end-of-the-year roundups happening across the web, Boston.com's The Big Picture was the best of my finds. They did a three part series which features 120 pictures in all, of the news throughout the year.

The pictures are breathtaking, awe inspiring and some were even horrifying. There are some that had a warning on them. I only clicked on one, and couldn't bring myself to click on the others because I didn't think I could stomach the horrific images the warning was about.

If you barely followed any new during this year, it will tell you some of what you missed.

Check out part one, two and three.

Found any yearly roundups worth sharing?

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