Low Paying Work: Why I Accepted it.


In my previous post, I talked about how much I made on my first gig. It's time to spill the beans on how much per article pay I'm getting now and why.

How Much I'm Earning Per Article

For the work I do now I'm being paid $10 per article. Granted, It's not much better than $5 but it's still better than it. Even though the going rates for 500 word articles is three times that, as a starting point for me, I'd say its not bad. Am I aiming too low? Definitely. But I'm new, inexperienced and I'm aware of how much I have to learn. My list of things to learn is incredibly long and the learning process not as fast as I'd like. For this amount, I feel some amount of motivation, take initiative and come up with ideas of my own and work hard on an article.

Why I Accepted Low Paying Work

While I agree that $10 is better than $5, I wouldn't have accepted it if the gig hadn't come with perks. I get an editor, my name to my work, resources to learn SEO, revenue share, a helpful writer's community and the chance of writing for different topics if I so choose. For now, these perks are ideal for me. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is at the top of my 'things to learn' list.

Will I Accept More Work for Similar Pay?

Not a chance! My rule of thumb for freelancing is that every gig (till I get established) should pay better than the previous one. Unless the offer trumps the one I have now in terms of perks, I won't be accepting any more work for $10. If I have to write for that amount, I'd rather continue writing here.

As a seasoned freelancer or a new one, do you agree with my reasoning? Share your experience. Disagree? Feel free to tell me why I'm wrong.

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