Clients: The Lifeblood of a Freelancer


Clients are on everyone's minds these days. Or maybe they're just on mine. For this week's link love, I'll be highlighting blog posts that cover various aspects of our work's lifeblood: Clients.

Freelance Folder had an excellent open thread post. Mason asked 'Where Do You Get Your Clients?' He narrowed it down to three questions that his readers answered in the comments. If you're looking for ways to find new clients, the comments on this post is a good place to look.

Freelance Switch posted '6 Ways to Follow-up With Prospects Without Being Creepy'. If you're wondering when or how to contact a client you had initial talks with but haven't heard back from, this post is your answer.

Another blog post from Freelance Switch outlines time-tested sales techniques to win clients.

The Wealthy Freelancer listed '4 Simple Rules for Getting More Repeat Business & Referrals'. Returning clients or recommendations are the best way to grow your business. A testimonial from one client is worth more than payments from five when you're looking to expand your work.

Chrisblogging has a trio of blog posts related to clients that I found helpful.

Cedric from Your Article Resource shares (not so secret) Secrets to Keep Your Freelance Clients Happy.

To wrap up the topic of clients, Jennifer Mattern from All Freelance Writing shares a client-from-hell story. Reading 'Dealing With Abuse as a Freelance Writer' is important for every freelancer. While some of us are lucky to have great clients, it is only a matter of time before we come across a bad client.

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