Site Build It! Christmas Offer: Buy-1 Get-1 Free


I first heard about Site Build It! at Problogger where Darren had put up a glowing user review. To be honest, I was skeptical reading the review. The review was altogether too praising and there weren't any disadvantages listed. Then I started reading the comments and realized that there weren't any cons pointed out because people hadn't found any.

Site Build It! targets everyone who is confused by keywords, search engine optimization and ad placements. If you want to focus on your writing and not spend weeks trying to grasp the countless aspects of monetizing your website then SBI! is for you.

SBI! is on my list of things to get as soon as I reach a few goals and complete the timeline I've set for myself. But you don't have to follow my timeline. They have a great 'Buy-1 Get-1 Free' Christmas offer going on. When you buy one SBI! they give you another free of cost. It would make for a great Christmas gift to someone, or you can use this offer to set up two sites.

The cost of Site Built It! is not too high, but it costs enough to make you look into it thoroughly before making the purchase. You will have to renew your SBI! every year. If the testimonials are anything to go by, that's not an issue if you're hosting your business through it as the returns make up for the yearly renewal.

Their offer ends at the stroke of midnight on Christmas day. Surprise your loved ones or yourself and order SBI! before then. Got Questions? Contact SBI! and get answers.

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