The title says it all. I'm a new freelance writer with barely enough experience. How I gain experience, build my portfolio and find work that pays (and pays well) will all be written about. I promise not to leave out a single detail. No matter how embarrassing or stupid my mistakes and experiences, they will all be written about.

  • How much did I make off my first article?
  • What lofty ideals did I enter freelancing with?
  • What standards did I give up in order to find work?
  • Oh and I'll even tell how long it took me to put up this website. It's an embarrassingly long time, which is why it'll make for a good (horror) story about a lazy and scared freelance writer.

Will I update everyday? Rarely. I've been blogging long enough to know my habits. A couple of times a week is all I can promise. Will all my posts be about my journey as a freelance writer? Not at all! I'll be talking about everything and anything that strikes my fancy. But I will make an effort to incorporate the topic of writing in it. So be prepared for a post about ColdPlay and stay tuned to see how I bring in the business of writing in it.

Will my posts be any good? Won't you let me know?

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